Today, as I was leaving the Providence Athenaeum on a morning walk with Paco, our pug, this book about Degas caught my attention.

The title, set against a monotype print of industrial age factory smokestacks, brings to top of mind the knowledge that Degas and his compatriot Impressionists expressed through their art the new beauty of an industrialized, urbanized, monetized, mechanized and globalized economy at a time when Impressionism was rejected as heresy inside the Salons of fashionable society, and also within the Ecole Des Beaux Arts, as curator of conventional orthodoxy.

And yet today, Impressionism has itself become so conventional as to be all but passé. The art of today is moving into the new frontier of a future where change is always before us.

There are few signs that our future world of constant change will be any less industrialized, monetized, urbanized, mechanized or globalized. To the contrary, it is also becoming increasingly digitized, which is leading to more, not less, globalization, monetization and urbanization. But also there are signs for those who choose to see that our new future of an increasingly urbanized, globalized, digitized and monetized reality must also become more socially inclusive, and eco-sensitive. New art is struggling to find the right ways to show us the strange new beauty of a future that is more socially inclusive and ecologically balanced, while also being even more abundantly prosperous, and adaptive to life’s constant changes.

This resonates with an ongoing conversation within the evergreen core community, about the graphic images we need to construct and share, that will help people see the new reality of evergreen superfiduciary financiers using evergreen superfiduciary finance to finance the future that the world needs now.

The beauty of Impressionism was strange when it was new, and rejected by the gatekeepers of then-conventional orthodoxy. People had to learn, through looking and talking, to reject the inauthentic authority of the gatekeepers of past orthodoxy, in order to see for themselves the new beauty of modern life that the Impressionists were showing them.

People will also have to learn – through looking and talking – to see the new beauty of the new millennium that images of evergreen investor benefits are showing them.