At the core

of civic engagement in adaptively evolving community standards for prudent stewardship is the technical work of evergreen superfiduciary stewardship, investing in enterprise cash flows, directly, to generate cash flows that support good stewardship, indefinitely.  This requires professionals expert in the frameworks, processes and places for evergreen investing.

These professionals will form the core of a new local-and-global economy created by design to be beautifully fit to function and authentically right for its time as times change and people evolve prosperous adaptations to life’s constant changes in 21st Century…and beyond.

this is our challenge

to the right is an idea map that shows the evergreen design event process as a whole made up of parts, each with its own subparts

once you learn to read this map, you will see that when all the parts and subparts come together correctly, they create a happy instance of good stewardship of our shared history

when you first encounter this map it probably appears dense, impenetrable, inaccessible

you do not know how to read it

that is because the map connects tasks for which there are no task dependencies, no priorities that say, “do this first, then do this…”

there are, instead, multiple possible points of entry into the process

once you have picked a point, and entered the process, however, the power of the map as guide for building a good experience becomes revealed

possible points of entry include an enterprise, a place and sponsors able and willing to attract people and money into the place to work on the enterprise

once we have at least one of these three, we can begin the process of recruiting the others

The core of the evergreen process brings enterprising ideas and stewardship investors together in the university as knowledge center, fiduciary space and hub for civic engagement in evolving community standards of prudent stewardship, on-site and on-line.

Evergreen sees enterprise as a time series of transactions that rises and falls over time with the flourish and fade of popular choice, as times change, and people evolve prosperous adaptations to life’s constant changes. Different forms of finance are fit to the functions of enterprise at different points on this time series, and all the different forms of finance can fit the functions of enterprise at some points in time. So, the evergreen process works to bring different forms of finance into the process of enterprise financing strategy design.

Community standards of prudent stewardship are shaped by many forces, including educators, change advocates, the media and public policy.  All these influencers are given avenues for participation in an evergreen Whatif enterprise financing strategy design event.

The evergreen places that are suited to hosting Whatif events will include specialty spaces including:

  • exhibition spaces in which enterprising individuals can share a narrative, in words and images, using all manner of analog and digital media, of their perception of the change that is taking place at the time and their idea for evolving a prosperous adaption to that change through enterprise;
  • knowledge theaters, where university faculty and other experts in relative domains can provide context and help identify risks; and
  • break-out salons, where students (guided by faculty) can lead discussions of the plans and possibilities.

The evergreen framework for financial decision-making that unfolds in these places through these processes begins with unique artifacts and moves through social contracts to arrive at the private laws of negotiated agreement between enterprise leaders and stewardship investors for sharing in enterprise cash flows, directly, to generate cash flows sufficient to support good stewardship, indefinitely.

  • Unique artifacts are the surpluses created through work of enterprise (in the anthropological sense, “the work of human hands”) that are traded with others to create the revenues that drive the cash flows that make enterprise and stewardship investing both happy. In common parlance these would be called “goods and services”, but we use artifacts to keep close to top of mind the reality that enterprise is about doing work that creates surpluses that are traded with others for the surpluses of their work. Excellence in enterprise requires mastery of the work, and also of the uniqueness of the artifacts created.
  • Social contracts are the tacit agreements between enterprise and popular choice about the value of the artifacts of enterprise, and about the value of the enterprise as a supplier of those artifacts. It is an agreement of provisional permanence.  It continues as long as nothing changes, but changes as times change. The social contract for every enterprise begins at zero, grows slowly over time as the enterprise makes people aware that it exists and people see the change and begin to accept the artifacts as prosperously adaptive to those changes, accelerates growth once a tipping point is reached, slows to staying strong at the top of its game, sometimes for a very long time, and eventually, in the fulness of time, as times change and people make other choices for adapting to those changing times, begins to fade away.
  • Private laws of negotiated agreement give legal meaning and consequence to model expectations for the flourish and fade of an enterprise’s social contract, and for the sharing out of cash flows that flow through that enterprise as it rides that flourish and fade. Details of these private laws may be kept confidential by the parties for various socially correct reasons. In the context of an evergreen Whatif enterprise financing strategy design event, these negotiations may be conducted in confidence by the parties, and not made open for public participation.

The evergreen people are pensions and endowments, as stewards of society’s shared savings set aside for retirement, for education, for philanthropy and for our shared future, forever, investing in enterprise cash flows, directly, to generate cash flows that will support good stewardship, indefinitely.