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Observing The Changes In Our Times That Are Creating the Need and the Opportunity For New Enterprises to Create By Design Prosperous Adaptations to Life’s Constant Changes

Recent Events

Citizens Salon at the Lafayette-Durfee House and Living Museum
Fall River, Massachusetts, USA

Sunday, February 19, 2017

“Technology Leaders Then. Design Leaders Now?”

Tim MacDonald will lead a conversation that explores the connections between the history of Fall River and the South Coast of New England, dating back to Colonial times, and the possible future of the area as an urban cluster of regional uniqueness in design-thinking in the new design-driven prosperity of mass customization in the 21st Century…and beyond

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Drilling Deep to Discover the Fault at the Foundation of Our Financial System

Tim MacDonald leads us on a journey of discovery that shows us superfiduciaries trapped inside the tyranny of the trading tape, yearning to be set free.

Building an Evergreen History

Re-Telling the Story of Finance, and All That Finance Touches


Earlier Stuff

During 2016, Tim MacDonald served as Team Leader for Team Sea Potential as a contestant in the US Department of Energy’s Wave Energy Prize competition.  SeaPotential qualified as a Finalists based on small scale model tests, numerical modeling calculations and the support structure Tim helped organize with Tinker|Bristol,  Roger Williams University, and US Senators Jack Reed and Sheldon Whitehouse from Rhode Island.

SeaPotential did not go on to win the Prize (complications with the measurement system), but the experience planted the seed for an Urban Cluster concept that Tim continues to develop, working to make Rhode Island and the South Coast of New England a center of excellence in ocean energy and ocean health

importing promising ideas, from wherever they take shape

asking Whatif

exporting community standards of prudence for stewardship investors supporting enterprises working in ocean energy and ocean health

On November 6, 2015, Tim MacDonald gave a talk at TEDx New Bedford that became the theme of civic engagement for evergreen.

After the talk, one member of the audience came up to Tim in the lobby, and said she like the talk, but “didn’t know how to participate” in a conversation about the future as we want it to be and the role of superfiduciary stewards of our pensions and endowments in financing that future for us.

Inspired by that question, Tim is now working to make sure people feel that they do have a way to participate, and the confidence to join in.

We all have a voice. We just have to use it!