Evergreen Core’s purpose is to empower superfiduciaries to write the checks they have to write, today and every day, to give

  • their contributors the benefits they gave in order to get, and
  • us all a financial system that works the way we need it to.

Our method for doing that is to show these individuals how they can deploy their superfiduciary funds into our economy through negotiated agreement, rather than just executing trades.

This is important because executing trades by superfiduciaries, through the Wall Street system, is not working.

We need a change.

Evergreen Core is that change.

Evergreen Core takes the equity payback method proven reliable in Real Estate and Tax Equity Earn-Out investing, and generalizes it for use by superfiduciaries in financing enterprise of any kind, anywhere in the economy. The equity payback is expanded into evergreen sharing in recurring cash flows, for as long as cash continues to flow through the enterprise (or until the parties agree to terminate the investment on a lump sum basis).

This is different from getting dividends on company shares, because dividends are paid at the discretion of the company. Evergreen Core cash shares are mandatory, by contract, and also variable, with perfromance.

Other terms can also be included in these evergreen core superfiduciary agreements, such as Fair Trade, Fair Dealing, the prudent use of debt, and ownership of social and environmental impacts of those enterprises that superfiduciaries choose to collaborate with.

You can see how well this fits the twin fiduciary duties of superfiduciaries, as financial fiduciaries for a governing charter of trust that is so large, so purposeful and so evergreen in its ongoing-ness as to make them also physical fiduciaries for all of us.