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In advance of the first-of-its-kind Invest In Peace Investors Conference convening at the Caux Conference Center, outside Montreaux, Switzerland, scheduled for 13-15 July 2017, Invest In Peace is presenting a series of webinars. Each is being designed to trigger a different “aha!” moment on the journey to seeing what Invest In Peace can mean for our future — and our present.

This first series consists of 6 different 30 minute sessions.  We hope you can participate in some or all of them.



In our first webinar, we invite you to focus with us on the connection between Wealth & Peace, and to see with us how it is that the conditions of peace are secured when most people feel they have enough of what they need to live well, and pursue happiness.
This helps us see how it is that conditions of non-peace are created on either extremes of this “bell curve”.
When too many people’s lives are too thin – they do not have enough to live well, and pursue happiness – that strains the bonds of peace throughout society. Conversely, when too few people’s lives are too rich – they have so much that they are denying enough to others – that also strains the bonds of peace.
How can we use this simple bit of common sense wisdom?
By focusing on investment as how we, as a society, choose those ideas for creating by design prosperous adaptations to life’s constant changes that can, should and will be evolved through enterprise. If we choose wisely, we create through our investments the conditions of peace.
If we do not, we create the conditions of non-peace.



In our second webinar, we dwell for a moment on this reality.
We have a choice.
We can choose to make investments that create the conditions of peace.
We can choose to make investments that create the conditions of non-peace.
We choose peace. Will you choose with us?



In our third webinar, we take you on a journey of the imagination, to see the future for our society if we choose to invest in peace, funneling towards future fit by transitioning:
out of our current extractive economy and  society of non-peace;
through a provisional economy of sustainability;
towards a new prosperity of regenerative commerce, enterprise and investment.



In our fourth webinar, we begin to point at the new learning on a technical level about commerce, enterprise and investment that can give us the power we want to design investments to create conditions of peace.
We see how these design must be one way for us, when we are investing as individuals through the Peace Fund; but a very different way for our institutional investors – our pensions and endowments as perpetual stewards of society’s shared savings – through Macro Projects.



In our fifth webinar, we drill a little deeper into the technical possibilities for investment in peace, considering both some key strategic areas where investing in peace can begin, and also considering the different ways in which different kinds of investors investing though different frameworks for investment decision-making can can each be the right way to invest in peace at the right time, sometimes in series, and sometimes all at the same time.



In our sixth and webinar before the Conference, we brief you an all the many different activities being promoted through Invest In Peace that you can choose to become involved with, as you make your own personal journey from extraction through sustainability towards regenerative peace and prosperity, indefinitely.

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