social structures of enterprise design through investment decision-making

see the different structures society uses to aggregate surpluses saved by individuals to form capital available for investment in enterprise and to deploy that capital in enterprises designed to value the values each aggregation system is designed to value

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“faucets and drains” visual metaphor for society’s shared savings

see how society’s shared savings are aggregated and maintained to provide income security for retirement, for education, for opportunity and for our shared future, forever

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the economy as an expansively evolving and adaptive network

when one imagines the economy as a network of connections between people in places, it quickly becomes obvious that the true pathway to prosperity lies in maintaining the integrity of this network

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mapping the possibilities for prospering by putting learning into action

the future is filled with possibilities that cannot be calculated with precision, but the human world we make inside the world about us as we find it has a structure that gives structure to the economy and prosperity

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making a happy history of prosperous adaptations to life’s constant changes

the economy evolves through change, and evolutionary adaptation to change, that is open-ended, ongoing, self-regenerating and in that sense, evergreen

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every enterprise as a physical coming together of people to do work that creates surpluses for sharing with others through commercial exchange can be mapped onto this core design for identifying the connections required for property

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every technology choice, and therefor, also, every enterprise organized to bring that choice to others, follows this core pattern of rising and then falling popularity over time, as times change, and we, the people, evolve prosperous adaptations to life’s constant changes

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the cohesiveness of enterprise over time is maintained through the efforts that get expended to keep its knowledge, networks and routines for monetizing its unique artifacts balanced and aligned

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negotiated agreements on sharing in cash flows empower evergreen stewardship investors to pursue good stewardship both fiscally and physically, infusing values into strategies through budgets on CAPEX and OPEX

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the risk of an enterprise performance not satisfying modeled expectations increases over time, because times change, and the enterprise must adapt to changes that cannot be anticipated in ways that are not yet invented. so evergreen puts more of the risk on the investors in the early years, and shift that risk back to the enterprise leadership and team over time


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enterprising ideas


something happened • the times are changing • inquiry leads to insight • conversation and engagement • popularity • enterprise design • investment decision-making • execution and reporting


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authoritative context


university faculty and distinguished guest lecturers study the context for the proposed adaptation, and share their findings with prospective investors and the interested public

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student charettes and salons


students lead participants and the public in exploring the possible fiscal and physical impacts of the proposed investment in enterprise on society and prosperity

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confidential negotiations on flows and sharing


participants retreat to closed sessions to build the framework for agreement on strategies for generating cash flows, expectations for cash flow generation and priorities for sharing our cash flows if, when and as generated

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contributing to good stewardship, fiscally and physically


public accountability focuses on how well the proposed investment fits within the overall fiduciary responsibilities of the investors

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explore new possibilities for civic engagement in evolving community standards of fiduciary prudence through cash flow waterfall design events like this…

The events will take place in the university and on Social Media, giving new power to the people, by giving new a new financial decision-making framework and a new financial decision-making process to our pension funds, university endowments and endowed philanthropies, as stewards of our shared savings set aside for our shared future!

  • in provocation spaces, enterprising individuals present, using all manner of media to share their narrative, their enterprising ideas as A. their observation of a change in the way things are now and B. their insight into how we can evolve a prosperous adaptation to that change through their enterprise
  • in knowledge theaters, university faculty will share their expert knowledge through talks, lectures and demonstration, to build a proper context for the idea and help people see and appreciate the risks in their own proper context
  • in break-out rooms, students will lead salon-style discussions of the proposed plans and perceived opportunities
  • all of these events will be free and open to the public on-site, and also reinterpreted for sharing with the wider world on-line, over Social Media
  • after each event, evergreen core will track what happens next, and report the news to the people, in the Press and over Social Media

the end result of a successful event is a public consensus around the enterprise as a prudent investment for pensions, endowments and foundation as stewards of perpetual fiduciary funds