embracing peace as the new frontier
for prudent investing by superfiduciary
stewards of society’s shared savings

all of the values 
we need to be valuing today
can be covered under the umbrella of Peace

The tilda, “~”, is used as a symbol for Peace as the new frontier.

Peace is identified as the new frontier because many of us share a growing sense that the human spirit is once again on the verge of breaking down, increasingly creating conditions that lead to non-peace.  One of the reasons for impending breakdown may be that we have lost, as a people, our sense of positive possibilities.  We no longer have a shared frontier towards which we can move with a purpose.  We need a new frontier.

What if we make Peace that new frontier?

The tilda is a good sign for Peace as that frontier, because the tilda indicates equity more as a form of rough equivalence – an unevenness that is not unfair – than the exacting logical or mathematical equality of the equals sign, “=”.

The red dot on the horizon represents a possibility that we have not yet fully explored.

There are always red dots of possibility out there on the horizon of our human way of being in the world. These dots are always changing, as times change, and we, as people, evolve prosperous adaptations to life’s constant change through inquiry, insight and the invention of new work that creates a new wealth of choices for how we can take the world about us as we find it, and change it to be more a way we choose it to be.

Invest In Peace focuses on “investment to redress the factors that undermine peace and prosperity”.
They “call upon individuals and organizations to collaborate in any way they can to invest in peace at three levels:
•the personal level, to support individuals’ development,
•community level to ensure shared security of basic needs
•national and global level, to remove underlying causes of stresses that cause suffering and conflict.
and make a start now in any way, small or large.”

evergreencore.org is starting now in a small way that we believe will grow into a large way by focusing on pensions and endowments – what we call superfiduciary stewards of society’s shared savings – who have a fiduciary duty that extends across the generations to pursue their fiduciary purpose to deliver income security for retirement, for education, for philanthropy and for our shared prosperity, forever, and are accountable to the people through the laws of fiduciary prudence.

We see in the happiness of cash flow a point of connection between enterprise and investment that is overlooked/underutilized for bringing people into conversation about contributing to the creation of conditions for peace through civic engagement in prudent stewardship by superfiduciaries.
Peace is one good consequence of civic engagement in prudent stewardship. There are many, many others.

The small story of cash flows as a point of conversation between people about peace through civic engagement in prudent stewardship quickly opens up into a very, very, very large story of how we can, should and do think about technology, the economy, education, opportunity, work, wealth, commerce, enterprise, finance, investment, people, place peace, prosperity, governance, history, art, equity and so much more.

evergreen core has packaged some key elements of this large and expansive story into six bundles that you can unpack as they become important to you…


The Happiness of Cash Flow Is The Pathway For Good Stewardship Investing In Peace




The Presently Popular Future Story Of Expansion Does Not Fit These Times In Which We Now Live


There Is Much Work To Be Done


Writing A New Future Story Of Design That Is Right For These Our Times


Restoring Integrity To All Of The Capitalisms
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