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We have the earth, and it is well and truly ours.

Also, it is all we have.

In 1961, John F. Kennedy, President of the United States of America committed our Nation’s resources to the goal of putting a man on the moon by the end of the decade.

A scant 8 years later, on July 9, 1969, the world watched as Neil Armstrong exited the Lunar Lander, taking his historic:

“One small step for a man. One giant leap for Mankind.”

The leap that Neil took was not the leap we were expecting.

We ventured into Space expecting to find a New Frontier, an infinitely receding horizon into which we could continue to expand, endlessly, as our fathers and our forefathers have expanded across the surface of the earth since time immemorial.

When we got there, all we found was rocks.

  • No air to breathe.
  • No water to drink.
  • No food to eat.
  • No creatures to meet.

earth rising over the moon

the earth as seen from space is filled with light, and life and hope and possibility

but it is alone, floating in the vast emptiness of Space, separated from other possibilities not so much by distance, as by time

we cannot travel into Space

we do not have the time

Many voices can be heard saying we just have not gone far enough yet. That Space is so vast, that there must be other places like our earth, where people can live – and be happy.
That may well be. However, the stars we see in the sky at night are light-years away from us. They are  not so much our future, as our past.
Someday, our children’s children may find a way to break the barriers of time and venture into Space, but we cannot. We do not have the time.

We have the earth, and it is well and truly ours.

Also, it is all we have.

learning to live well in an economy that is already truly global, in both reach and limitation.

  • we have filled the earth, and subdued it
  • now, we must take care of it
  • we can no longer act as if our consequences have no consequence,
  • we must embrace a new reality, and a new community
  • we must be stewards of the land, of the sea, of the air and of the climate
  • if we do not accept the burdens of this stewardship, the consequences will be our own
  • the earth will be just fine
  • but we may not


to build the right new sense of community we need to prosper in this new experience of space as global in both reach and limit, we need a new form of finance

 evergreen superfiduciaries are that form

collaborating with enterprise, directly to share in current cash flows, currently riding the ebb and flow of change, and evolutionary adaptation to change to co-create our future by design one enterprise at a time!

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The New Frontier is evergreen With Possibility

for change and co-creative and collaborative evolutionary adaptation to change

the Old Economy was built within the Old Frontier of Growth through Creative Destruction financed through securities trading

a New Economy is being built within the New Frontier is Evolutionary Adaptation through Co-Creative Collaboration financed by evergreen superfiduciaries in conversation with enterprise and public opinion


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