New Energy

finance organizes the social world energy organizes the physical world

The system of finance we have today co-evolved, in the 19th Century, with the system of energy we have today.

Both are proving to be unfit for our purposes in the times in which we now live.

The proof is in the impending threat of catastrophic climate change associated with changes in the carbon density of our sky chemistry that can be traced to our sustained and accelerating combustion of fossilized carbon through which we power the technologies through which we are building our tomorrow, today.

If Climate Science has it right, our continuing choice to power our technology through the combustion of fossilized carbon will drive global changes in the thermodynamic balances of the earth’s biosphere in ways that are decidedly adverse to our continued ability to grow the grains on which we depend to feed ourselves in our billions.

Intellectually, the solution is simple. We need to make new choices about the energy we use to power our technologies and build our future, so that the future we are building is also a future worth having.

Technologically, the choices are possible. Energy is everywhere in our world, and there are many different ways in which we can concentrate and direct these energy flows to do our work.

Financially, the change in choices will not be easy.

The challenges are in part interpersonal, and in part constructural, having to do with the way we construct decision-making systems for deciding which choices society will make about which energy sources we will use to power our technologies, and build our tomorrows, today.