these are the benefits that are most important to us

which of these benefits is important to you?

evergreen is advocating a vastly expanded use of the proven, reliable skills for building amazing cash flow financial models (perfected in real estate and widely used in energy, but not yet applied more generally to finance other kinds of enterprise and technology – why not?) to empower pensions and other superfiduciaries in their exercise of exemplary stewardship of the social benefit superfunds we, as a society, entrust to their good judgement,  through negotiated agreements on cash flow sharing with enterprise, directly, that also inject good financial and social stewardship values into their investments

delivering these important benefits

  1. generating adequate fiduciary cash flows, forever, by investing in enterprise cash flows, directly
  2. earning evergreen cash flow “upside” for taking enterprise/technology risk
  3. financing the evolution of prosperous adaptation to life’s constant changes
  4. protecting against poverty in retirement, and the environment
  5. reforming finance, and all that finance touches, by adding a new form to the financial system
  6. empowering enterprise to authenticity
  7. engaging education in the pursuit of exemplary superfiduciary stewardship
  8. opening pathways to finance as a tool for social change
  9. making history through finance as how society chooses which technologies for making prosperous adaptations to life’s constant changes can, should and will be evolved through enterprise