some people 

“Tim tackled in the hallway”

Evergreen core team leader Cody Thornton tells this story of how he first met Tim MacDonald, and learned about evergreen.

When Cody was in his third year at Northeastern University School of Law, the Law School hosted a symposium on Experiential Learning in the Law. Cody presented his concept of using studio/charette structures for learning the law.

He tells how during a break after his presentation, he was “tackled in the hallway” by this guy who wanted to talk more about studio teaching and learning, fiduciary duty (!???) and how pensions invest our retirement reservoirs (!!!?????).

That guy was Tim MacDonald.

That talk became

The journey from Tim’s personal passion to the movement to reform finance by adding a new form to the financial system, and to change the way we create our future as a consequence, by getting superfduciaries to go evergreen, is punctuated by many similar experiences of Tim “tackling” people who Tim could see what they, at the time, could not: they had important contributions to make.

Some found Tim had worthwhile things to say, and was offering an interesting solution to a Worthy Problem.

Some of those have agreed to included in the list.

  • Greg Rowe, long-time friend and collaborator, institutional real estate executive, expert in the proven reliable equity payback method that is the model on which evergreen is built
  • Raj Thamotheram, tireless campaigner for social responsibility in finance and enterprise
  • Jon Lukomnik, author, activist, individual in a superfiduciary role (ret.) seeking answers to the question that defines the essence of superfiduciary right and responsibility, “How can I generate adequate cash flows, forever?”
  • Raphaelle Chappe, radical re-thinker of economics and finance as how society decides which possibilities for future prosperity can, should and will be pursued through enterprise
  • Matt Taylor, “worthy problems” collaborative solutions facilitator
  • Ellen Quigley, graduate student, global citizen, activist for action on climate inaction and social justice more generally
  • Susan Arterian Chang, author/producer of the Field Guide to a Regenerative Economy