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There Is Much Work To Be Done

paradigm shifting stories

de-constructing the present

designing the future

We can use the point of exiting to evergreen as an inflection for designing many different  paradigm shifting stories, both

stories for helping us de-construct our past, in order to see why choices that were made in an earlier time as fit to the functions of those times are no longer fit to function in these our times; and also

stories for helping us construct our future through choices that are fit to the functions of our times.

It is important, for example, I believe, to understand the design strengths of the securities trading system, because these strengths, that made it so right in its time, are also its limitations, that make it less fit for these our times.

Just quickly, we can see from an evergreen viewpoint that the securities trading system is designed to operate:

in just one trading dimension, with the market for maintaining a market-clearing price at the center of everything;

creating just two nodes of market participation, as either seller or buyer;

delivering just three possible outcomes

selling high and making a profit

selling low, and suffering a loss

trading flat, and breaking even

using really just four points of data: the issue being traded; the last selling price; the last transaction volume; and the time series of each trade (which creates the trend line that magically becomes a (always more or less wrong) predictor of the future).

As we see more clearly how it is that this is the way this system is designed to work, we also begin to see more clearing why it is that this system is just not designed to meet the fiduciary needs of fiduciary stewardship.

Stewardship investors cannot manage risk because risk is essential to this market, which depends on changing prices to create transaction volume that delivers the instant liquidity that is truly the value proposition of this whole system.

Because volatility and unpredictability are hard-wired into the securities trading system, stewardship investors cannot make the volatility that is essential to the trading system match the income security it is their fiduciary duty to deliver, and also cannot infuse into their investment choices other values – the values of peace, for example – that are not directly linked to the one value that the securities trading system is designed to value, that is Growth as the driver of the instant liquidity that system is designed to deliver.

As we gain clarity over the fundamental mismatch between fiduciary purpose and the instant liquidity of the market clearing price, it becomes easier to embrace the power of cash flow as the point of inflection for investing in peace through good fiduciary stewardship.

Now, we need something to push against.  Three we can start with might be

regenerating soils to degenerate flash points of non-peace;

managing the carbon density in our sky chemistry in order to avoid man-made climate change that is adverse to the quality of life for people living on the planet; and

a favorite idea of mine, that I call knowledge-bots, for using Facebook-style algorithms for inquiry-led learning via Social Media and the Web.

de-constructing the present. designing the future

talking with stewards about peace and prosperity

on site

on line

evergreen is

civic engagement in peace-aligned enterprise design through prudent stewardship investment decision-making

generating enough cash flows to support good stewardship of income security, indefinitely, by investing in enterprise cash flow generation, directly

riding the flourish and fade of popular choice, as times change, and we, the people, evolve prosperous adaptations to life’s constant changes

in a network economy that is adaptively evolving an expanding wealth of choices for how people can take the world about us as we find it, and change it to be more a way we choose to make it

contributing to the creation of conditions of peace

and a prosperity that is provisional, uneven but not unfair ~