In the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, I boldly reached out, without a proper introduction, to a thought leader in the conversation about the failures of our financial system.

The reward for my audacity was the above response.

It was a good reward. It is an evergreen reward.

Hello and Welcome!

I’m Tim MacDonald, chief ideator of the evergreen method and chief organizer of evergreen core venues, and projects within those venues.

The evergreen core idea is simple.

To generate cash flows, invest in cash flows.

The evergreen core context is not.

Evergreen begins by seeing pension funds, university endowments and endowed foundations as fiduciaries of a shared financial future that is also our shared physical future.

These three classes of fiduciaries all share these three  important characteristics that make them all what we call “superfiduciaries.”

  1. They are large.
  2. They are purposeful.
  3. They are evergreen in their ongoing-ness. It is their mission to keep going.

This makes them, taken together, as a demographic, the most important actors in our financial system today.

This evolution of superfiduciaries as the most important actors in our financial system today is a fundamental change in the structure of our economy. This change is creating both the need and the opportunity for co-creative, collaborative and evolutionary adaptation to that change.

Evergreen is that adaptation.

This makes the evergreen idea, though simple, also radical, in the Latin sense of “going to the root.”

The story of evergreen takes us down to the very foundations of our financial system, and then builds back up from there, through enterprise, technology and the economy, to construct a new blueprint for an evergreen prosperity, giving birth to a new way of being in this world.

That makes evergreen also radical in a Copernican sense.

It reforms our financial system by changing the form of that system.

And in reforming finance, evergreen also reforms all that finance touches.

Which is a lot.

That makes evergreen an expansive story—one that is complete, though unfinished.

We need you to help finish it.

Tim MacDonald
Tim MacDonaldFounder
Philosopher, Lawyer, and Expert in Enterprise Finance and Prosperity

What is

Future, created?

not past, projected

Our mission at is to lead the world into a future that is created by design, one enterprise at a time, financed by large, purposeful and evergreen superfiduciaries negotiating with enterprise directly on strategies, equities and priorities.

We reject a vision of our future as the past, projected forward, along an historical trend line, because we see this as leading to the creation of booms that are just busts that have not happened yet.

A future created by design will not go bust.

It will be evergreen, adaptively evolving to always be fit for purpose, as purposes change, and people adapt to changing purpose.