WEC_logoconcept9Wave Energy Converter Design



Team SeaPotential, an Evergreen Core Superfiduciary R&D Project and competitor in the United States Department of Energy’s Wave Energy Prize contest waveenergyprize.org, learned on March 1, 2016 they made in into the Finals.

SeaPotential is the US team formed in collaboration with Philip Irwin and Paul Brewster of PureMarine in Belfast, Northern Ireland to bring the genius of their DUO design to the US, for further development and progress towards commercial deployment as a contributing technology to a new energy economy.

Evergreen Core founder and chief evergreen ideator, Tim MacDonald, is the US Team Leader of Team SeaPotential.

Next step for SeaPotential as a Wave Prize Finalist is to refine their engineering and design strategies for delivering the 1/20th scale model to the Prize Team in June, for to demonstrate readiness to proceed to tank testing at the MASK Basin wave tank test facilities in Carderock, Maryland.