Growing a New Vocabulary

Words are the building blocks of language, and language is the DNA of shared meaning and shared understanding that binds people together through technology, society, enterprise, authority, authenticity, integrity and morality. Finance is part of the authority structures that bind people together in the networks of modern enterprise that we sometimes talk about as the economy.  Evergreen superfiduciaries are a new part of the new structures of authority exercised through finance and stewardship of our shared future that are evolving today to fit the needs and opportunities of our times.  The new language of evergreen is evolving to bind us together under this evolving new authority that is fit for our purposes and right for the times in which we now live.

Through our blog, is contributing the evolution of these new words and the expression of these new meanings.

Those who read our blog, and talk about them with others, are also part of this evolutionary process.

Join us, please.