Many social change advocates do good by speaking Truth to Power.

We are doing good by speaking Power to Truth.

Our primary audience are those stewards of perpetual capital to whom we all, as a society, have entrusted discretionary authority over our shared savings set aside for retirement, for education and for philanthropy: our tax-exempt pension funds, university endowments and endowed foundations.

The Truth we speak is about the right and the responsibility these superfiduciaries of society’s shared savings have, to invest with prudence, and also with purpose.

The Power we speak of is the power these large, purposeful and perpetual fiduciaries have, to negotiate.

They do not have to speculate.

To reach this audience with this message, we have to show them examples they can see and study. We also have to become part of a larger conversation within society, generally, that confirms the prudence of this power.

So, we begin with climate, and energy, and the need the world has now, to design, execute – and finance – a managed transition to a new future of sustainable energy abundance.

Last Monday, October 3, 2016, Evergreen Core LLC successfully completed our application to the 100&Change competition from The MacArthur Foundation, offering this bold solution to one of the biggest and most intractable of the BIG PROBLEMS of our times.  We are proposing a New Energy Marshall Plan for making a managed transition to new future of sustainable energy abundance led by enterprising individuals, supported by community and government, and financed by the retirement system, worked out in the university, and catalyzed by philanthropy.

In climate & energy, we have this choice. We can choose to do nothing, to take the chance that we are, indeed, propelling ourselves towards confrontation with catastrophic climate change, and run the risk that future generations will be able to figure out a way to restore the climate system, after we cause it to crash.

We also have this choice. We can act now to avert an impending confrontation with catastrophic climate change, by creating by design a new future of sustainable energy abundance.

We have the technology. That is the truth.

Evergreen gives us the power.

What if we use it?